CPHI在全球范围内:2021年11月9日至11日,意大利米兰的Fiera Milano

“In a year when literally hundreds of our exhibitors have contributed to overcoming COVID, the greatest healthcare challenge of recent times, we are delighted to be welcoming back the pharma community. CPhI Worldwide is an essential conduit in helping pharma supply chains work, partners meet, empowering the industry with learning. But this year, more than ever, the event will also be a celebration of everything pharma has achieved. Most exciting is that with partnerships proliferating, we expect further great strides ahead for global pharma in the year ahead.”Orhan Caglayan, Brand Director for CPhI Worldwide.


CPHI Worldwide自2019年10月以来首次进行,将于2021年11月9日至11日在意大利米兰的Fiera Milano返回。CPHI在全球范围内团结了整个行业,六项活动涵盖了供应链的各个方面 - 从成分和剂量到机械,包装,外包和生物制药。作为世界上最大的药品展览,CPHI Worldwide在短短三天内在一个位置提供了一个行业领先的环境,并为来自世界各地的网络和成本效益的解决方案提供了环境。

To further enhance the visitor experience, running alongside thein-person版将举行,直到没有数字平台vember 19. This platform is designed to empower attendees with even more resources to meet, source and discover by providing improved networking opportunities as well as the chance to pre-qualify leads ahead of the event. Additionally, the digital platform will host key insights from thought leaders spanning some 45+ sessions and content, including keynotes, webinars, podcasts and whitepapers.


根据Informa Allsecure指南,所有徽章都将是数字化的,并且由于没有托管现场注册,因此将要求与会者在抵达之前进行预注册。

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这re are different rules for attendees from each country and individual circumstances for entry into Italy, and the rules and requirements are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Italian Ministry of Health’s website:

For further Covid-related information at CPhI Worldwide see the AllSecure video:





ICSEconnects global outsourcing providers with the pharmaceutical community. Exhibiting companies span diverse outsourcing activities from clinical trials services, laboratory, logistics providers, data management, preclinical and clinical CROs to CDMOs and CMOs.

Finished Dosage Formulation (FDF)brings together company representatives involved in every aspect of finished dosages from big pharma and CMOs to in/out licensing and dossier specialists, end-product distributors and end-user agents. From powders and pills to capsules and creams, every kind of finished formulation will be presented at FDF. Additionally, this year’s key online live session will highlight the continued growing demand for generic medicines – driven by mounting patent losses, efforts to cut healthcare spending, and the increased incidence of age- and life-style related diseases.


Product-specific zones for easier navigation


Digital features

CPHI Worldwide的数字平台,在Swapcard上托管,是该活动不可或缺的功能,旨在确保与会者能够见面,预先资格的潜在客户并了解最新的行业趋势和见解。在活动开始之前,利用该平台使与会者与参展商联系,帮助他们促进现场会议,以确保可以建立关键的联系。这个易于使用的系统允许量身定制网络并最大化事件的输出。该平台还将采用行业领先的见解,包含各种内容,从实时圆桌会议,按需会议到白皮书和播客。该平台允许任何无法亲自参加多个虚拟会议和业务连接选项的人。

CPhI Worldwide Appprovides both attendees and exhibitors with a timetable of each day’s activities, a full list of exhibitors and their hall location.

Content sessions



领导力论坛的妇女, taking place for the seventh year in a row on November 5, will provide a platform for women across the pharma supply chain to come together to connect, network and share ideas for successfully working and succeeding in the industry. This year’s forum will focus on methods and routes to securing funding for female founders in pharma. Taking part in the forum will be:

  • Alise Cortez and Associates的管理顾问 /首席目的官Alise Cortez
  • Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR
  • Shorla Pharma首席执行官Sharon Cunningham
  • Amita Goel, CEO, Celltheon
  • Tia Lyles-Williams, Founder & CEO, LucasPye BIO


  • Greg DeShields, Executive Director, PHL Diversity
  • EMEA Pharma&Life Sciences策略,战略与
  • Gervan Williams, Director, Product Development and Innovation, LucasPye BIO
  • Cameron Bardliving, Director, PD & Operations, Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing
  • Lisette Martinez, MBA, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Jefferson Health and Thomas Jefferson University

Well-being at Worksessions, taking place from November 2-4, explore the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, including ownership and responsibility for individual wellbeing. The sessions will cover the impact of mental distress and the significance of balance.

Innovation Gallerywill highlight interesting and innovative products and solutions – providing an opportunity to discover novel pharmaceutical developments in packaging and drug delivery solutions. Attendees can register for a free Innovation Tour, where exhibitors give a 3-minute pitch on their innovation on the show floor.

Awarding excellence

这18th annual CPhI Pharma Awards recognize the innovation and dedication of companies and individuals driving the pharmaceutical industry forward. The awards are open to all pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies engaged in design, development, manufacture, production and distribution of large- and small-molecule drug products. There are 15 categories of awards for products, services and initiatives launched between June 30, 2020 and August 1, 2021.

  • Excellence in Pharma: Innovation in Response to COVID-19
  • 卓越制药:API开发
  • 卓越制药:完成配方
  • Excellence in Pharma: Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
  • Excellence in Pharma: Bioprocessing & Manufacturing
  • Excellence in Pharma: Analysis, Testing, and Quality Control
  • Excellence in Pharma: Packaging
  • Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Devices
  • 出色的制药:数字创新
  • 医药:卓越供应链、物流和分配
  • Excellence in Pharma: Contract Services and Outsourcing
  • Excellence in Pharma: Sustainability
  • Excellence in Pharma: Regulatory Procedures and Compliance
  • Excellence in Pharma: CEO of the Year
  • Excellence in Pharma: Pharma Service Company of the Year

这awards ceremony will be held (digitally and streamed live) on the first night of CPhI Worldwide, November 9, 2021 at Stella Polare, Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy.

For further information on CPhI Worldwide visitwww.cphi.comand