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Clariant generates a buzz in Charlotte, NC with the opening of new innovation cente

After being included in LinkedIn’s 2021 roundup of top companies in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clariant continues to make its mark with the opening of our new Industrial Applications Innovation Center to support North America’s Paints and Coatings industry »Beyond Color« as an expansion of the current facility in Mt Holly just outside the city.

随着激动人心的创新,我们决定与营销和技术部门经理,工业与消费者专业(ICS)的Marc Chan(ICS)以及添加剂的Mouhcine Kanouni进行核对,以了解有关两家业务在新设施中如何共同工作的更多信息。

Regarding each business sector, what can we expect from the new Industrial Applications Innovation Center?

Mouhcine:We are excited to expand our laboratory capabilities to prepare and apply new coatings formulations in the areas of Advanced Surface Solutions like waxes and Light/Heat Stabilizers. These areas are in high demand from our customer base. This new laboratory will feature equipment and resources to support testing of these novel coatings. The goal is to provide high level technical service and support to our customers for their development of new coating formulations that meet and surpass performance goals.



Mouhcine:Our first step is to understand our customer’s performance requirements in their coating formulations and the drivers behind the criteria. Are they meeting regulatory specifications, sustainability targets, or a specific performance objective? We then seek to develop an additive solution looking at our existing portfolio or new innovative ideas to meet those requirements that would closely resemble our customer’s own formulation. As such, we feel our custom solution is optimized to reach a high performance-based coating.

Marc:从市场营销开发的最初联系到我们经验丰富的帐户管理团队的宣传以及我们技术部门的参与,我们的目标是为客户体验设定标准,该客户强调技术转移,应用程序开发和验证的透明沟通,然后是approval to finalize a customer’s developmental performance products. Keeping in mind that each customer is unique, we approach the opportunity individually to customize the process and incorporate the needs of all stakeholders. Needless to say, all hands are on deck with these opportunities to assure success across the board.


Mouhcine:可持续性是钢筋的核心。因此,我们不断发展的蜡和光稳定器的产品组合非常着重于提供最先进的性能和可持续的解决方案。多年来,我们已经建立了一项遗产,以开发推动绩效和可持续性极限的新产品非常成功。在我们的投资组合中,我们引入了蜡解决方案,该蜡解决方案为客户和参与者提供了关键的可持续性优势,这些益处可以帮助他们在制定更可持续的涂料时实现其目标。例如,我们的甲酸®TERRAline is made from renewable feedstock with at least 50% RCI (Renewable Carbon Index) content and ourCeridust®维塔线来自具有实际可再生含量的自然起源 - 至少98%RCI。我们还从满足市场上最严格的监管要求的角度看待可持续性,在这种情况下,变化和标签标准推动了更可持续的解决方案的发展。”

Marc:ICS业务具有最大的产品,具有Clariant的EcoTain®labeling. This positions us to offer outstanding performance solutions that meet global labeling requirements while also supporting our customers’ sustainability goals. When approaching solutions, we examine the sustainability goals of our customers and consider the performance properties that have effect on process improvements that impact carbon footprint. We also disperse many organic materials with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) options from our分散原®product line. The sourcing of our renewable and non-food bio-based raw materials as well as green improvements in our production processes allow for efficient means to reduce an overall carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability is an extension of the value Clariant brings to the coatings market.

What are a few of the latest trends in the Paints & Coatings Industry and how is Clariant staying ahead of the curve?

Mouhcine:The latest trends that our team of technical experts has observed in the Paints & Coating industry over the recent years has been customers asking for novel additives that enable improved performance in weathering and surface effects. We are collaborating with customers to develop new additives solutions that meet the constantly evolving regulatory environment.Hostavin®3315 Disp(苯并三唑紫外线吸收器)和Hostavin 3070 DISP(Oligomeric HALS Dispersion) for water-based coatings are a great example where both features are met, best in class weathering performance as well as best in class when it comes to sustainability.


例如,分散PLF 100impacts dispersing pigments into colorant concentrates in multiple ways. This product enhances color, offers extended shelf life, and reduces foam during production and associated leaching effects. Lastly, it decreases the need for excessive viscosity modifiers, whereby reducing complexity and cost in the final formulation.

Our technical team also places high emphasis on exploring future technologies that lie within our scope to manufacture. We meet on a regular basis to discuss these options and how Clariant would be capable of implementing either a product that is readily available or if a project could be created to fill those gaps and address demands.



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