与约翰·贝尔爵士(John Bell)教授的独家访谈宣布,当时生命科学融合了庆祝Pharma的十年融合

Sciad Newswire /Life Science Integrates(LSI)很高兴宣布其旗舰活动的令人兴奋的议程,制药集成, held live online on 16th2021年11月。

在10th运营年份,Pharma将2021年融合承诺将成为迄今为止最大的小组讨论,创纪录的演讲者以及该领域备受瞩目的领导者的开幕会议,包括John Bell爵士,Trevor Jones和Ben Osborn。

自2011年成立以来,Pharma Integrates已为整个药品管道的专家提供了独特的论坛,以分享有关医疗保健未来的重要见解。对于制药和医疗保健领导者来说,它已成为必不可少的活动。

Globally we’re at a significant moment for the pharmaceutical industry as we continue to fight against COVID-19 and begin to reflect on the rapid innovations seen in this sector during the pandemic. Having witnessed the importance of international and interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare over the past years, it is integral that leaders across this sector continue to come together to exchange ideas. LSI hopes that the 10thPharma集成会议将为形成连接和概念的平台提供平台,这将使Pharma的创新能够继续以速度继续进行。

该活动将与约翰·贝尔爵士教授, conducted by特雷弗·琼斯教授。约翰·贝尔爵士(Sir John Bell)担任牛津大学雷吉乌斯医学教授的职位,是卫生研究战略协调办公室主席。John founded the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, one of the world’s leading centres for complex trait common disease genetics, and was appointed one of two UK Life Sciences Champions by the Prime Minister in 2011 before receiving a GBE in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to medicine, medical research and the life science industry. With years of experience on advisory committees and governing boards, and expertise in immunology, John’s interview is not to be missed.

特雷弗·琼斯(Trevor Jones)教授还将发表欢迎和闭幕词Ben Osborn开幕词。Trevor是E-Therapeutics的主席,威尔士呼吸创新和Ascension Healthcare的董事会成员,并拥有6所大学的荣誉学位和金牌以及脚本终身成就奖。Ben是辉瑞英国的董事总经理,也是英国制药行业协会(ABPI)的即将到来的主席。LSI凭借丰富的经验以及在制药和医疗保健方面的众多荣誉,热情欢迎Trevor和Ben对活动的宝贵贡献。特雷弗说:“我们对遗传学的理解的革命以及数字技术和人工智能方面的进步正在改变我们发现,开发和使用新药物的方式。”“脱欧后,英国正在进一步加强其学术和行业生命科学研究活动。这些将是会议的关键主题,很高兴听到正在领导这些英国倡议的约翰·贝尔爵士教授。”


  • 我们如何为人们提供正确的技能和支持,以提供最佳的患者结果?
  • 我们如何加速药物的开发和交付?
  • 我们如何最好地利用当前对药物的关注来揭开未来药物的神秘面纱并防止未来的大流行?

The panel discussions will see experts from leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, policy and academic institutions cover key areas including accelerated drug production timelines, advanced computing technologies, collaboration throughout production pipelines, and mental health in the workplace.

LSI联合创始人兼执行董事Samuel Thangiah评论说:“自10年前的第一次会议以来,我们已经看到Pharma融入了制药和医疗保健领域的领先活动。”“我们很高兴能够为我们的2021年活动提供如此广泛而高素质的演讲者,尤其是期待与约翰·贝尔爵士的独家采访。”

”提供这样一个长时间运行的和高度reputable event is only possible with your continual support. We want to thank all our sponsors, speakers and everyone who will be attending, and we hope the day will stem exciting discussion, debate and future collaborations,” adds LSI Co-Founder and Executive Director, Christopher Watt.

引起人们的注意agendaof the hottest topics in pharma and uniquely impressive line-up of演讲者,Pharma集成2021。立即在线注册为了访问整个为期1天的访谈计划,小组讨论和网络。